March 7, 2008

Follow Him

John 12:26 “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.”

When I decided to get a dog I prayed for one that would be endlessly devoted to our family. He needed to be gentle, selfless, and even-tempered. I chose a male Labrador because, if there is any difference between the two, females can be more distant and independent. When picking from the litter, I chose Ecclesiastes because he fit the bill. He was a submissive yellow male Lab at sixteen weeks, and continues to love each member of the family immensely. He rarely chooses to be alone, which during this puppy stage is quite handy. He doesn’t realize it, but his desire to be with us serves as a constant baby monitor. Someone always has an eye on him and it’s fabulous!

His dedication frustrates me a bit though. I always feel bad when he lays at my feet asleep and gets up to follow me out of the room. It doesn’t matter if he’s fast sleep, if I walk out of the room for a moment, he will follow. I’ve tried saying, “You can stay there Ecclesi, I’ll be right back,” but he follows anyway.

His dedication frustrates me for another reason. It puts mine to shame. When he’s chewing a bone, eating, or playing with a toy and leaves it all to follow me, it's convicting. I invariably ask myself, “Do I stop what I am doing to follow God when He begins to move? Or, do I watch Him go ahead as I remain in my comfort zone?” The truth, dear sister, is in order to serve God we must follow Him, which involves countless interruptions, changes, and moving beyond our comfort zone. A true servant of God seeks to be with Him no matter the cost or inconvenience. She sticks by His side watching His every move and gladly moves ahead with her Lord and Master. Her desires are second to His and as a result, she receives honor.

There is no question that God brought Ecclesi into my life for reasons far beyond that of being a companion. Though cute, furry, and fun, he's a four-legged reminder of the servant I must strive to be. Who would have thought a canine could be so convicting.

P.S. – Shortly after this was written, Ecclesiastes chewed up the remote control to our Bose stereo! Apparently his built in baby monitor was working at the time.

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