March 18, 2008

Dani's Day of Testing

I could hardly sleep last night knowing today would be Dani’s long awaited first day at the workshop. She’ll be going in for a day of testing to see which job best suites her and our family is absolutely thrilled!

We’ve watched her become more and more despondent over the last two weeks as she waited for what’s seemed like an eternity to begin work. She quit eating, lost 7lbs, moaned and groaned continually, became one humongous hive, and had me so worried I took her to the doctor twice. On our second visit the doctor confessed he couldn’t find a thing wrong with her. That’s when we knew stress was getting the better of her and it was time to begin treating her mind!

Since Dani is such a visual person, I decided last week to driver her by the workshop. Maybe seeing the place would reignite her optimism. Slowly we drove past the building as I lifted my camera and snapped a picture and though it made me feel a bit like a private detective, there was nothing secretive venture that day. The mission was clear, my daughter needed hope and she needed it pronto.

Arriving back home I quickly printed off the picture and placed it above the calendar on her bedroom door. We placed a smiley face sticker on Tuesday March 18th, her testing day, and marked off the days to the current day. “Look Dani! We only have four days until you go to work! Isn’t that fantastic?” Though not enthusiastic at the time, her demeanor slowly began to change as we marked off each passing day, and by yesterday she was smiling, happy, and eating just like the good old days. Hope had been restored! The picture and calendar had done the trick.

Now I must go get us both ready for this big day. Dani slept like a log but I am nervous as a cat. I suspect some dear prayer warrior prayed peace over her and forgot to cover me. At any rate it's time to keep the faith and move forward. I’ll keep you posted.

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