September 23, 2011

Run Dharma Run

A Bit of History: The Magnificent Nine born on Thanksgiving Day 2008.

Have you ever felt God's turned a deaf ear to your prayer or deemed some of your troubles too small for concern? If so, think again. He truly cares about things that burden our hearts. Nothing is too small or insignificant to Him if it's important to us; a truth we must cling to daily. And how do I know? Well, as they say...the proof is in the pudding.

Back in November 2008, smack on Thanksgiving morn, our son's dog unexpectedly delivered nine pups in our home. He'd found her wandering the Missouri State University campus a few months prior, took her in out of the goodness of his heart, and the rest is history, nine times over!

From the get-go we made a point to hold and cuddle the pups. Wanting them to be familiar with human touch, we'd embrace each pup several times a day and pray for God to place each little him or her in a perfect home. Like a mother burdened with the call to place her children up for adoption, the Lord understood how important it was for me to get these pups into happy homes and serve their owners in a special way.

So the question again, does God care about things that are important to us but small on a world-wide scale? Yes, yes, and I'm happy to say it again, yes! Check out Dharma in the videos below. She's one of the pups whom I've not seen since she was adopted.

Not only does God answer our prayers but He's so kind to reassure as well. Dharma is a pup I've not been able to keep in contact with, making me wonder if she's happy in her home. These videos put my heart to rest because anyone so proud as to video tape their dog fetching a ball must love them oodles. My prayers lifted while sitting amongst all those pups were not in vain, too small, or unimportant to the great I AM. He hears and answers your prayers too, whatever they may be.

"The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles."
Psalm 34:17


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Great post!

Amy E. said...

by chance is Dharma named by people who loved LOST? the tv series?

cute dog!

About Nancy said...

Yes, she was named after LOST. Real fans.