August 3, 2011

The Hottest Day

I finagled the whole deal. Collaborating with my sister and sister-in-law, we decided yesterday, Tuesday, to get together for lunch and long overdue visit.

Since dad passed away 11 months ago, we no longer see one another on a weekly basis. We miss getting together every Wednesday morning to clean his home, take him to lunch, and tootle about Wal Mart. We never did much special, but the family time was priceless and the laughs were hearty. It's been a dry near year and time for a good ole fashion giggle or two or three. After all, laugher is the best medicine and when we link up, we overdose.

After calling each sister a couple of times, the date was set. I had no idea, however, it would turn out to not only be the hottest day of the year, but so sizzling it broke a 27 year old record. The thought of canceling was out of the question, so my sister-in-law and I zipped through Quik Trip to load up cold drinks before heading out across the desert to Kansas where my sister lives. (It sounds far away but we both teeter on the state line.)

With the A/C running full blast the whole trip, we arrived at my sister's just in time to play ball with one of Cocoa Bean's brothers, Pilgrim, his new canine sister, Lucy, and watch the pet chickens. We stood around the chicks coop in the shade for a about 30 minutes until I caved in complaining of the heat. I was becoming a bit nauseous so we headed into the house to have the best BLT's offered to the world. The mix of cold cold tomatoes and lettuce and hot bacon was nothing short of delightful, all thanks to my brother-in-law who whipped it up as we visited. Better yet, we had our mom's potato salad. It was like traveling back in time to when we were kids. Mercy sakes that was delicious.

With our belly's full, we piled into my car and navigated our way to what was once a K Mart turned Sears, presently converting back to K Mart once again. (Now, may I someone indecisive or what.) We shopped 70% off bargains that turned out to be no real bargain at all. To top it off, not a singe molecule of air was moving in the joint except for the ones we moved ourselves. After a thorough ransack down each isle, we each stood empty handed looking at one another at which time I pronounced I was hot again and this time...needed a Coke. That's when my sister suggested Winsteads next door to get a Cherry Coke.

Out the door and into the desert, we braved our way across the parking lot noting how hot even the windy wind was. With my car temperature reading 122 and the outside a mere 110, we felt like three gingerbread girls marching in a kiln. Truly, three hot chicks trekking the lot.

Our Tuesday was fun and memorable, no doubt we'll be doing it again very very soon. The hot temperature may have broken a few records but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm. Each day is a gift, whether hot or cold, and meant be used to enjoy one another and the time we have together. I know I am so very thankful for the family I have left.

Hope you are staying cool as the summer comes to a close. What have you done to beat the wicked hot summer's heat?


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Have mercy, that's hot! I have to add this... every time I suggest to my husband that we pop into a K-Mart, he always reminds me that it's not a good idea. Seriously. We've had so many bad experiences in there; I'm not sure why we keep making the pilgrimage.

My fault.

Now as for the cherry coke? Sounds delicious right about now. It's hot over here as well.


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Whew! What heat! We've been stuck in it too. Glad you guys got some time together.

Cheryl Barker said...

Hot chicks, huh? :) Hadn't thought of myself like that yet, but hey, it fits. Guess that's one good by-product of the heat wave! :)

Anonymous said...

I try not to complain, but I am tiring of this particular sweatbox-month.

Still, I think I could bear it better in the happy company of loved ones as you did!