July 2, 2011

Your Sista's Havin' a Hysta - Part 8

Benevolent Tote

It's interesting to see who offers what during times of need. Each friend is so creatively different that it's a bit like Let's Make a Deal whenever time the door bell rings. The week after I had surgery my brother and sister-in-law dropped off dinner with a few gifts. The picnic basket was carefully packed with enchiladas, rice, and brownies, while the gift tote weighed heavy with a host of goodies. I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness I thought I'd share it with you!

Treats for the body:
  • Blistex: Rasberry Lemonade Blast
  • Pocket size facial tissue
  • Johnson's Body Care lotion: Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile
  • One box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (one of my childhood favorites)
  • Bag of plain M&M's with snack size zip lock bags so I could ration my portions
  • One small bag of FritoLay Deluxe Mixed Nuts (protein to counter the sugar rush)
Food for the mind:
  • Polka dot journal that's cute as a bug's ear
  • Word search games (I'm not smart enough for the crossword type)
  • Book: Mentalpause...and Other Midlife Laughs, by Laura Jensen Walker
  • Book: The Lighkeeper's Daughter, by Colleen Coble
  • Book: Twelve Extraordinary Women, by John MacArthur
  • Book: Redeaming Love, by Francine Rivers
  • Game: Sit and Solve Frame Games (you can't miss this one, it's shaped like a toilet seat)
  • Three retractable ball point pens
  • Movie: Pride and Prejudice with Coline Firth and Jennifer Ehle
Sustenance for the soul:
  • 3x5 index cards for scripture memory verses
  • Booklet: A Sketch of Things to Come Based on God's Promise to Abraham, by Dr. Stanley V. Udd

My brother and his wife also brought a daisy plant which contained something we'd never seen before, a Siamese daisy bloom. These are not two daisies squeezed together but actually two in one, a fine freak of nature that gave us all a kick.

The day my brother and sister-in-law brought the meal and goodies happened to be during my second week post-op and a time I was a little down. Life had ground to a halt and I was a bit lonesome. Their visit not only lifted my spirits but also reiterated the importance of remembering those who are ill and out of touch. I hadn't been far from the couch and certainly not out of the house for over a week, leaving me dependent on whatever came my way. Every email, get well card, phone call, and visit was so precious during that time, leaving me to wonder how many forsaken souls are out there in need of care, compassion, and company.

Whether it's surgery, chronic illness, the birth of a child, someone going through a divorce, missionaries in another country, or a friend you have not heard from in a while, consider reaching out to someone today. Put yourself in their shoes and ask God how you could brighten their day. After my recent experience, I now have a whole new appreciation for those who sit on the quiet fringe of society.

Now it's your turn. What are your favorite ways to encourage a friend in need?


Cheryl Barker said...

Wow! What a great brother and sister-in-law. Absolutely love that they included M&Ms in your goodie bag. Chocolate is a definite must in any time of need! :)

I like to send cards to encourage others in special times of need. A few times the Lord has even led me to write a poem to minister to their hearts.

FYI, Nancy, I posted a precious series of photos on my blog of my dad with one of his granddaughters. Stop by when you get the chance -- didn't want you to miss seeing them. I think you will enjoy. Blessings to you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I can't even begin to recount all the many beautiful blessings I've received from others in the past 11 months in my life. Like you, it keeps me mindful to give back to others in their times of need. Still and yet, so many go unnoticed. We are blessed sistas, are we not?


Rhapsody B. said...

glad you are on the mend.

I try to be present beyond that i simply ask, "what can i do for you, what do you need me to do." and take it from there.


Super Handyman Dave said...