July 18, 2011

Your Sista's Havin' a Hysta - Conclusion

It's been seven weeks post hysterectomy and what a pleasure it is to say things are finally feeling normal once again. I can bend over to tie my tenny runners without bouncing back up due to a bulging uterine ball or a post surgical swollen belly, the bathroom has ceased to be my primary destination every 30 minutes now that my bladder is no longer a victim of "vibroidian" bullies, I can sneeze or cough without wincing in pain, the left over prescribed pain medications have fallen into disuse and are stored away in the linen closet, and the slow hunched over gate I adopted post surgery that gave our dog Ecclesiastes the creeps, has given way to my normal more familiar stride.

All the advise I received before the procedure proved to be ever true and I'm so glad I took it to heart. A hysterectomy is not defined as major surgery for no good reason, you really do need at least six weeks off to rest, recover, and recuperate, it takes months to get back to speed both physically and mentally, and in the end, it's every bit worth it.

It hasn't fully sunk in yet, but in time I'm sure I'll appreciate the absence of my monthly visitor, even though I'll still be seen traipsing through Wal Mart with Kotex pads hitching a ride in my cart, on behalf of our little Dani. Plus, let's not overlook the hilarious thought that it's only a matter of time when the humbling day nudges it's way into reality of which I'll not only be purchasing Kotex in my post menapausal years, but eventually succumb to tossing Depends into the buggy as well. I only pray my future clerks will be gifted with exceptional oblivion on the days I saunter in to stock up on perplexing personal paraphernalia, lest I be driven from the super mart on a blast jocularity.

So there we have it. The journey with your sista who had a hysta has come to a close. I've learned a lot through the endeavor and hope you have too. Thanks for joining me on my hike to renewed health but though it's been a joy, let's not do it again anytime soon.


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Cheryl Barker said...

Loved your last line -- "let's not do it again" :) So glad you're feeling back to normal!

(Posted Kristin's bridal portrait pics last week and will be doing the wedding photos at the end of the month/first of next month. I love sharing these pics! :) )

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It's good to get to the end of a chapter and turn the page to our "next." I pray this new season of living will afford you many occasions for heart-health and for the increase of God's truth and love into your heart.

Keep to it, sister!