May 14, 2011

Let's Make an Envelope!

I confessed my fetish for paper in Paper Passion, now let's see what it can produce. Some of you showed interest in learning how to make envelopes and stationary that exhibit your own personal flare, so here's a quick and easy how-to.

Paper Source carries an
impressive assortment of decorative paper sheets
that are big enough to accommodate envelope templates,
which depending on the size of the envelope can require
a fair amount of space.
If you don't wish to purchase large sheets of paper,
you can make smaller envelopes using 12"x12"
sheets available at most craft stores.
(Sheets below were $2.50 each.)

Envelope liner template (left)
Envelope template (right)

Supplies needed: scissors, Lick & Stick glue, bone folder,
wall paper roller (does same as bone folder),
and tape dispenser that dishes out two-sided adhesive.

Envelope and liner after cutting and before folding.

Fold and glue envelope flaps, insert and affix the liner,
press envelope edges with bone folder or roller for crisp edges,
and you are done!
For about $26 you can purchase envelope and liner templates. It's the perfect personal touch to any gift for that special someone. The options are endless and for me provides great relaxation therapy. In fact, this morning I made two cards but forgot to take pictures along the way. I wasn't sure how they'd turn out but when all was said and done, regretted not taking you along for the ride.

If you are interested in paper therapy, I hope this helps you get started.

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Cheryl Barker said...

I am not crafty at all so am always amazed when I see what other folks create. Very pretty!
Hope all is going well, Nancy!