April 25, 2011

Paper Passion

If there is one thing I love it's paper. I don't know why or when it started, all I know is I have a passion for paper and all that goes with it. I save, craft, admire, and love the feel of all varieties of paper, especially top quality stationary. The bigger the array, the faster I ascend to cloud nine.

Last week, Jimmy and I went to the Paper Source on the Plaza here in Kansas City. It was there I stumbled upon templates to make envelopes and matching liners. Now I'm in hog heaven. I had no idea I could make my own envelopes and liners, why...with this knowledge the possibilities are endless. I'm pretty sure my eyes grew big as saucers when I saw the store owner, who's cute as a bug's ear, make an envelop using a sheet from an old 2010 desk calendar. The creativity stoked my already consuming fire to a whole new level.

For a week I've been churning out lined envelopes trying to perfect the craft. This past weekend we returned to the store to get a few more supplies only to discover another crafty gem, heat embossing. The owner showed me how it's done and I was sold, prompting me to walk out with all fixins' needed to add this to my repertoire. If you love paper and have a Paper Source in your area, I encourage you to visit this delicious place.

Here's a mini tour of our venture.

Dani loved the walls lined with stampers.

Racks of gorgeous paper.

The rest of my loot was on the cashiers counter.

The young man who checked us out reminded me
of our son Drew. It was all I could do to keep from
giving him a big hug and kiss before departing.

Dani got a kick out of the paper bunnies in the window

Perhaps I'll share some of my creations here soon, but before I do, how about you share what hobby drives your passion!


Anonymous said...

hi. =)
i'm sooo not artsy or creative. so i really appreciate the creativity of others!
right now i'd say my hobby is....
scrabble. oy.

i like the pics of you and dani!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Please share what you've made!!! LOL! I'm glad you didn't kiss that poor boy running the register! LOL! Cute post and loved the photos!

Cheryl Barker said...

Got a kick out of how you wanted to hug and kiss the boy at the register. Bet that would have been a first for him :) Sounds like you need a Drew-fix. It's hard to wait for the next visit and hug from our kids!

By the way, I'm not arts and crafty but sure wish I was.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'd love to see some of your creations. I wish I had a hobby right now. I love photography but don't own a decent camera. I love to go browsing at antique shops, but rarely have $.

I do like visiting sights like VistaPrint and creating "stuff."

Would love some tips!