October 12, 2009

A Reason to Celebrate

A month ago we had a birthday lunch at work for a co-worker. We each pitched in and brought the different ingredients needed to make Open Faced Tacos a.k.a. Traveling Tacos. I hadn't heard of either but quickly discovered it was simple and delicious. Apparently in the south the ingredients are always layered in a particular sequence and the process is never varied. We were given strict instructions, by one who knew, how to construct the taco and it was a hit.

Last week an email went around the office suggesting we have another taco day because there was a bag of Fritos left over from the prior fiesta. The email no sooner made its rounds when someone hollered out, "Only we can plan a party over one leftover bag of Fritos!" I giggled and thought how true.

I love to have fun and after all why not? Life is full of pain and sadness. Why not grab the gusto whenever possible? We can look at the glass half empty or half full. The choice is ours. We can wait for a big reason to celebrate, which may leave us waiting for a good long while, or find one right under our nose. In our case the cause came in the form of an extra bag of Fritos. Create your own good time and try this ever-so-casual recipe.

Walking Tacos (Open Face Tacos)
Layer the following ingredients in this order if you want to meet southern etiquette:
  • Fritos (bottom)
  • Rice
  • Chili (thick to keep the Fritos crisp)
  • Melted spicy Velveeta cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Dollop of sour cream on top
  • Enjoy!
Fun option: Buy single serve bags of Fritos, open bag top and layer ingredients in the bag. It's great for kids and an easy clean up.


Abba's Girl said...

A staple meal in the winter, I think our Sonics even have this on the menu - Frito Pie...

Cheryl Barker said...

I look for all kinds of reasons to celebrate -- with chocolate! :)

Amy E. said...

Sounds wonderful!! Oh and how I love me some Fritos!!
and I am totally with Cheryl, I can always find a reason to celebrate when there is chocolate.