October 1, 2009

Good Friends

They say dog is man's best friend. Clearly they're little girl's best friend too. Whenever we all pile into the car Dani has to share her seat with one dog or another. She doesn't typically show affection for her canine brothers, but she tolerates them remarkably well when they encroach on her personal space. We feel their presence teaches her to share, tolerate, and receive unconditional love, thus helping her on a variety of levels.

Jimmy nearly always has his camera with him so the other day I turned the camera around and snapped a quick pic of Cocoa Bean sleeping on her leg. Her smile says it all. She was truly enjoying her little friend as he counted cats or whatever dogs count when they sleep. While he sawed logs she gave him a fast swipe with the back of her hand and smiled as if proud of what she had done.

I am a firm believer that animals are a gift from God. They never harbor a grudge, they faithfully hold you in high esteem, and ask for nothing but love. I always look forward to coming home to my boys who greet me like a rock star and treat Dani like a queen. They help keep life simple, just the way God intended, and for that I am grateful.

How about you? Do you have a special gift from God in furry form?


Abba's Girl said...

We have 2 senior citizen mutts Penny & Midnight, they bring much joy to us.

Cheryl Barker said...

What a great pic! So sweet!

Our little dog died a few years ago. We'd had her for 17 years. The girls won't let us get rid of her doghouse :)

Shirley said...

Love our mutts, Mercy and Lilly. Dogs could teach us a thing or two about relationships, I think :)

katiegfromtennessee said...

That's cool, a puppy friend!:) Nope, I don't have any pets, right now anyway, we'll see, maybe when my little one gets older, she will want one...then my man and I will consider it:)



Anonymous said...

Love that picture!