February 27, 2009


I remember...

1. A time when if you’d call a person on the phone you didn’t have to ask them where they were.

2. When gas station attendants pumped your gas, washed your windshield, and gave you a piece of bubble gum for coming in.

3. The lunch ladies wheeled a water cart through the grade school giving us each a cup of water to keep us hydrated on hot school days.

4. The smell of Pink Pearl erasers permeating the air as I practiced writing my spelling words.

5. When bottled water was only for Hollywood stars. (For that matter I remember when even movie stars didn’t drink from bottles.)

6. Green stamps were given out at grocery stores and you could buy nearly anything with them. Man that was fun.

7. There were only three channels on TV and you needed rabbit ears and tin foil to see them.

8. In order to look up a word you had to grab the dictionary from the top shelf of the living room.

9. The smell of burnt toast in the morning. I love overdone toast still today. I don’t think mom’s toaster worked well.

10. The little transistor radios we three kids received for Christmas one year. They were tan, about the size of a single size cereal box, and had a round station dial we’d scroll through endlessly.

11. My white patton leather Easter shoes in 5th grade. They had a huge square buckle on the top and blocky 2” inch heels. I resembled a Pilgrim.

12. The first fast food drive thru in our area called “Shutes.” They literally shot the food to you through a vacuum system, like the banks today. There was one glitch however. It jostled your order with such force that your drink would invariably arrived with the lid popped off and your drink spilled to high heavens. Needless to say it didn’t last long. Note: people still hand us our food today.

13. Watching McDonald’s employees make French fries in the side window of the building under the big golden arches. It was our Friday night treat.

I could go on and on as I trace the cobwebs of my mind. It's fun to think back into my childhood. There are so many fond memories of things past and now I'm curious. What fun memories pass through your mind as you reminisce? Perhaps like me you will have trouble keeping the list short. But, who's counting. List away. I'd love for you to share. 


Darlene said...

I can remember #1,2,6,7 & 8.

I remember waiting on the mail man to deliver the mail and he would always give me a piece of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. His name was Sonny ...he was such a sweet dear man.
I also remember when the meter man from Alabama Power would come each month to read the meter...We (cousins) would hide in this big tree...when he would go on the other side of the house we would get cups from his holder and drink some of the water in the cooler. run and hide back in the tree so he wouldn't know what we did. We would giggle as he got in the truck. He would always smile and wave in the rear view mirrow. Now I realize he knew we was there the whole time and he got a kick out of us doing that.
WOW that was long ....maybe I need to make a list and post on my blog like you.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

The Real Gal said...

Oh man, to think about those times! Does bring back a lot of fuzzy memories. Thank you for sharing. Blessings!