April 30, 2008

"Tagged" for a Memoir

I've been tagged by Connie for a "Six-Word" memoir. If you are receiving this you have been tagged too!

Here are the rules:
1. Write your own Six-Word Memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want.
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

My Six-Word Memoir: "Heal Me Lord Through and Through!"

I am tagging:
Michelle (Sorry Michelle. I see you've been tagged in another fashion already. With that said, I would still like to read your Memoir.)
Longmeadow Mama
Awesome Mom

I must say I kind of enjoyed this, and it didn't even involve running around on a playground! I hope you enjoy it too and I look forward to reading each of your memoirs.

April 29, 2008

Spring has Sprung in the ole Show-Me State!

With camera in hand, I drove Dani to work the long way this morning. Taking pictures right and left we captured the beauty of spring in the Midwest. I found all the beautiful trees I wanted to see, but couldn't for the life of me find those dog-on tulips I was admiring this weekend.

Redbud Tree. They are all over!

Downtown Lee's Summit, MO.

Train Depot Downtown Lee's Summit, MO.

Floral Hills Cemetery. Way too pretty to pass up!

April 26, 2008


I am happy to announce that the winner of the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival and recipient of "Freedom, Healing for Parents of Disabled Children" is Michelle.

It was difficult to choose a winner; much harder than I anticipated. In my estimation every entry deserved to win, so to be fair I put the names of all eligible contestants in my pink baseball hat and let my daughter, Dani, pull out the winner. It wasn't high tech, but I prayed before the selection, so I trust the winner was God's choice. Congratulations Michelle!

To all of you who entered this drawing, thank you for participating! I wish each of you could have won, but of course that isn't possible. If by chance you are still interested in "Freedom," you may purchase it at Olive Leaf Ministries website.

Thank you again!

April 22, 2008

Bloggy Giveaways Carnival: Enter Today to Win "Freedom"

“With tears in my eyes and a bony finger pointing toward the heavens, I shouted my biggest grievance of all… “God why won’t you heal her?” In response He said, “Nancy, I won’t heal her for two reasons. First of all, you want her healed for you. You don’t want her healed so much for her sake as you want it for you. You want out. Second, I can do more through not healing her than if I do.” ----- Freedom.

In the pages of Freedom, Nancy Douglas candidly shares the pain, grief, and trials of having a disabled child. From the initial storm of discovering her daughter was Autistic, deaf, and Failure to Thrive, to the agony of knowing she would never receive physically healing, her compelling and honest account of life with a special needs child will transform the heart of all who read it. Walk with Nancy through the pages of her journey and discover for yourself the true and lasting freedom God has waiting for you!

*Leave a comment on this blog to ENTER DRAWING. Drawing will be held Saturday April 26, 2008 and the winner will be announced via blog post at 3pm (CST). International participants welcome. $14.99 value. Free shipping and handling.

PREVIEW "Freedom" at Nancy's website: Olive Leaf Ministries

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April 21, 2008

Dani at Work

It’s been a month since Dani began working at the workshop, so I thought you might like to see her in action!

Today she separated the contents of New Hampshire advertising packets due to a misprint in one of the magazines. It’s an important job that needs to be done and just the thing to keep her busy.

Dani loves to go to work. She sees friends, learns new things, and stays busy all at the same time. Her biggest battle, however, is staying on task. She’d rather watch co-workers work than perform the duty herself.

This of course is nothing new. She’s always been a passive observer and her perpetual staring has driven us all up the wall at one time or another. In the evening Dani and I “must” lie side-by-side on the couch to watch TV, because if she sits at my feet between the screen and me, she watches me watch the TV. It ruins any show I try to watch.

It’s a difficult transition for Dani to move from full-time home to full-time work. The bar is higher than ever before and it's proving to be bit stressful. Never the less, we feel she'll meet all her job expectations and grow into a fine young hard working lady.

Dear fellow blogger, if the Lord ever prompts you to think of our little Dani, please pray she’ll adapt to her new job soon! I’ll keep you posted.

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April 17, 2008

Open Blog House!

Welcome to my newly remodeled blog! While I loved the look of my old blog, I absolutely adore the warm and sunny look of this new design.

I'm thrilled you've stopped by for a visit so please come in, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a tour of my newly renovated home. I have lots of rooms for you to visit and plenty of pictures to peruse along the way.

Take your time and enjoy. Then, before you go, leave me a note so I can pay you a visit in return. Thanks for stopping by!

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April 14, 2008

A Faithful and Godly Man

Married May 28,1983

“Thank you for being such a godly man.” These are words I’ve said to my husband, Jimmy, more than a few times these past few months. With so many marriages around us scattering to the wind, we find ourselves stunned by what lies in so many relationships. Distance, disrespect, infidelity, selfishness, greed, anger, and abuse, just to name a few. What’s most distressing is these are marriages within the church.

In April of 1982 I made a deal with God. “Lord, I am no longer going to look for the man you have for me. Instead, I am going to begin praying for him.” And, that’s exactly what I did. Praying for God to prepare him to be a godly husband, father, and leader, I went to bed each night with a huge smile on my face asking God to tell him I loved him, trusting He could accomplish this though we were still yet strangers.

Six months later Jimmy and I met and within seven months were married. Twenty-four years later, we are still best friends. We love, encourage, support, and pray for one another more than ever before. I never get tired of this wonderful man and I can’t tell you how much I admire his ability to stand faithful and true to his God and family in the midst of such a troubled world. He is a rare commodity and a priceless treasure I thank God for daily.

Like all marriages, ours faces the usual 50/50 odds of survival, but that’s not all. We face far more ominous odds. With an 85% chance of failure due to Jimmy’s full-time travel and an additional 80% chance of breakdown as parents of an Autistic child, we should have parted ways long ago. But oddly enough, we grow stronger each passing year. Why? Because we have a bond that is not easily broken, the love of God in our hearts.

Marriage is tough there is no question about it, but ours is a testament to the truth that any marriage “can” survive. Even a marriage on life-support can be revived and brought back to life by the great Physician and it starts by praying for your spouse, marriage, and family. It is the most powerful thing you can do and should never be left as the last resort.

If it’s difficult for you to trust in the power of prayer, keep in mind that God is always at work, even when we cannot see what He is doing. I know this is true since it’s no coincidence that in April of 1982, when I began to pray for God to bless my future husband, Jimmy accepted Christ as his Savior and was transformed into the very man I so highly value today. Without question God honors our prayers and seeks to preserve all marriages, but we must put Him first in our hearts. Call on Him today and see what He can do for you!

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April 9, 2008

A Visit to Not Just “Any” Bible Study

I had the best time in Bible study today. It wasn’t just any Bible study either. I visited the women at the Church of the Resurrection in Olathe, Kansas who were concluding my 10-week study, Draw Me Near. They had asked if I would come and visit them, to which I not only said yes, but offered to teach! They accepted my offer, so off I went to meet these wonderful ladies.

As I prepared for class, the thought crossed my mind, “I wonder if they will feel comfortable and talkative or uneasy and quiet with me, the new gal, in class.” To be honest I expect a little of both, but was pleasantly surprised to discover they were a very talkative, fun, grateful, and energetic group of ladies. Before class ever began it was clear this group was going to be fun, and they were!

I don’t know whether my lesson blessed these precious ones or not, I certainly hope it did. One thing I know for sure is they were a blessing to me and God was definitely present. At the end of class they asked to pray over me, which they did with utmost love. I was humbled in their presence and blessed to meet such dear sisters in Christ.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful morning. I pray our paths cross again soon!

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April 2, 2008

Baptized in a Fishpond

I’ve been gone more than usual lately working with Dani at her workshop. We’re out of the house at 7:30 am and home around 2:30pm. Though not long hours for the average worker, they are plenty long for a puppy’s bladder. To compensate for Ecclesi having to be in his crate all night and much of the day, I try to give him a treat each evening by taking him out for a spin. Yesterday we drove around town doing errands that only required a drive thru window and today we went to a nearby wildlife preserve. It proved to be doused with excitement.

Winding my way down the rough gravel road, we stopped at a beautiful fishing pond. The water was smooth as glass offering a double view of the sky and tree line set before us. After parking the car I let Ecclesi out to run free and then proceeded to coax Dani to do the same. Since she had grumbled and complained over the fact we'd left the house in the first place, I wasn’t surprised when she refused to get out. Perched in the car as if on strike, I left her door open so she could watch Ecclesi have his fun.

Skimming the ground like an industrial vacuum, he sniffed every stick, rock, tree, and bush. Then he found the pond! Approaching the water’s edge with cautious delight, he vigorously pawed at the water causing huge droplets to fly in the air. Discovering this massive amount of water had proven to be an unexpected joy and he was quick to bask in this dog's hog heaven.

Patting the water with increasing force, suddenly, as if the floor of the pond had dropped out from under him, he disappeared under water. Afraid to stray too far from Dani, I stood half way between the car and the pond with my eyes and mouth opened as wide as they could go. “Oh God. Help him surface! He’s only seven months old. He’s never had to swim before!” I’d always heard dogs automatically know how to swim, but could it be my little Ecclesiastes had been born without the DNA to swim? No one could know, but I was about to find out.

About the time it took for me to process these thoughts, my little sugar cookie with two chocolate chip eyes and a big prune nose immerged from the abyss. Paddling for his life, he swam in one tidy circle then straightened his course and headed for shore. After promptly unloading the excess water from his coat, he resumed vacuuming the land, no worse for the wear.

I think I witnessed a baptism today. Ecclesi was completely immersed in water and experienced a bit of heaven, I called on the name of the Lord as I watched, and we all left with big smiles on our faces! (Thank goodness for leather seats.)

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