April 21, 2008

Dani at Work

It’s been a month since Dani began working at the workshop, so I thought you might like to see her in action!

Today she separated the contents of New Hampshire advertising packets due to a misprint in one of the magazines. It’s an important job that needs to be done and just the thing to keep her busy.

Dani loves to go to work. She sees friends, learns new things, and stays busy all at the same time. Her biggest battle, however, is staying on task. She’d rather watch co-workers work than perform the duty herself.

This of course is nothing new. She’s always been a passive observer and her perpetual staring has driven us all up the wall at one time or another. In the evening Dani and I “must” lie side-by-side on the couch to watch TV, because if she sits at my feet between the screen and me, she watches me watch the TV. It ruins any show I try to watch.

It’s a difficult transition for Dani to move from full-time home to full-time work. The bar is higher than ever before and it's proving to be bit stressful. Never the less, we feel she'll meet all her job expectations and grow into a fine young hard working lady.

Dear fellow blogger, if the Lord ever prompts you to think of our little Dani, please pray she’ll adapt to her new job soon! I’ll keep you posted.

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Longmeadow Mama said...

It would be a privilege to pray for Dani. I have added her to my prayer notebook which will remind me to pray for your darling girl often.

littlerad said...

I will keep Dani in my prayers, I remember a time when I was younger my step Dad had a TV repair shop and my sister and I was able to work some there and take flyers out, I loved doing I felt like I was needed for something...
I hope you are havinga great week...