November 28, 2008

The Magnificent Nine...Day Two

Please pray we find safe and loving homes for these
beautiful creatures.

(Jimmy and I have one picked out. Any guesses which one?)


Shirley said...

Our family guess is bottom middle, right middle or top middle. If you don't like any of these, we will take them :) Just kidding!

The Olson's: said...

So sweet! I'm not much of a dog-lover (not at all, really), but these little pups sure tempt me to reconsider!

What a great Thanksgiving treat!
~ Leanne

Abbasgirl said...

I would choose number 1 or number 2. Which one did ya'll choose?


Cheryl Barker said...

I popped over to see if anything was up with you this holiday weekend, Nancy, and goodness -- 9 puppies! I'm willing to bet this will be a Thanksgiving you never forget! :)

Anonymous said...

Left side, row 2, first picture.

Tammy said...

The puppies are so cute! I have never seen an animal give birth before,go figure,I grew up a small farm.

I'm guessing you pick the pup in the top right-hand corner.

Longmeadow Mama said...

Congratulations on your grandpuppies!
I'm guessing you're keeping one of the light colored ones to match your beautiful Ecclesiastes!
Exciting times!

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Nancy,

Happy Thanksgiving! What a graet gift. A few years back, my toy poodle gave birth on the eve before Thanksgiving. So exciting! I like the black puppy in the very middle. But please, tell us which one you are thinking!!


Amy E. said...

Oh my goodness they are sweet!! Have they all found wonderful homes? I sure hope so!! too cute

Marianne said...

Where are you located? Have you found homes for all those precious pups? We might be interested if you are close enough to us. We are in Texarkana. Sweet things!

Lori said...

Oh, those sweet little faces! Enjoy this time while you have it - pretty soon they will be all over the place and into everything (the toddler stage!) I can't guess which one you've decided on, they are all so cute! I'd certainly have a hard time choosing!

thislittlepiggy said...

They're so ugly they're cute! ;o)

I'd have trouble choosing just one! The ones with the pink noses tug at my heart strings the hardest. Which one did you pick?