September 22, 2008

John 21, Part I, His Eyes on Us

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Longmeadow Mama said...

I've heard this story many times but never realized until your devotional that they actually counted the fish! I must've been reading through it too fast to catch (no pun intended!) the actual number, 153!! Interesting and a great reminder that we, too, need to count our blessings. I keep a prayer journal also and love using my highlighter to mark all the answered prayer. Praise God I was able to highlight Judy's answer today!
Thanks for sharing.

PS I love your hair pulled back on the sides like that!

katiegfromtennessee said...

This is a good video Mrs. Nancy! I am definitely blessed by it:)


annette said...

I cannot wait to watch this tonight. After so many days w/o Internet, I am still catching up on everyone's blogs.

Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, I record my requests and answers to prayer, too. You're right -- it's a wonderful practice. I also keep a journal where each day at the end of the day, I write down something from that day I have to be thankful for. I recommend this to everyone, too. It helps me think back through the entire day, remembering the blessings God has given.

Francine said...

Obedience has always been a struggle for me, I am an independent gal but counting the blessings resulting from obedience to God outweigh counting the costs of disobedience! I am glad He has his eye on me, it keeps me in line with His will. Great lesson, Nancy. I can't wait for next week :)