September 19, 2008

A Day with My Two Guys

Jimmy is on vacation this week and flashing pictures right and left. He came along with me Wednesday to take my dad home from Bible study and run errands. After taking some pictures of dad at church, we went to Wal Mart, ate lunch at Wendy's, and enjoyed a little photo shoot at his home. 

I forgot to ask dad 
if he deliberately wore pants to match the sky.

Grandpa and Dani on the swing.
Dani's left shoe is somewhere in the shadows.

This is my brother's dog Cooper. 
His eyes are locked on his mama who was driving up to the house.
He abandoned the scene seconds after this shot.

For more pictures of our day see Jimmy's Blog     


linda said...

Beautiful pictures Nancy...and your Dad is adorable.

Amy E. said...

Great pictures..and what a beautiful day!! We sure have enjoyed this Post-IKE weather in Texas.

Hope all is well.

annette said...

Wonderful photographs. I should get out and take some, mant of the battered plants and flowers are starting to stand a little taller. It's time to plant the fall vegetable garden. I think the humidity returns to normal. God blessed us w/ a great week to be out of power. His mercy never ends.

valerie said...

Awww, what sweet pictures of you and your daddy.
I love the one with your dad, you and Dani with the sun shining in the background.
The post of Dani picking daisies was precious. Even if her facial expressions don't show it, you can just tell she loved every minute of that experience.
Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love the ones of you sitting on the swing just showing your legs. And of course Cooper!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Fun family times, oh yeah!