February 14, 2011

A Valentine Wish

As much as I love to celebrate the various holidays throughout the year, my heart always aches for those less fortunate. Jimmy's been my sweet Valentine for 27 years, but don't think for a moment I don't vividly recall the days when I didn't have that special someone to celebrate this day of love. Just thinking of those days ushers in a flood of awkward, lonely, and depressing memories, which is why my heart goes out to so many on this day.

A good friend of mine recently referred to Valentine's Day as "Singles Awareness Day." While I giggled at her comment, I couldn't help but think how true this is for so many. February 14th is a great opportunity to express your affection, but if you happen to be in a time where you have no significant lover, it's simply a day that magnifies your void.

I make a point to think of others on Valentine's Day. Since our son is still single for example, I send him a card and some sort of a treat each year. Years ago I told him I'd be his Valentine until he finds one of his own. It's not the same as a girlfriend or wife I know, but it'll do until God sends him his other half.

I also pray that God will a Valentine to those who are alone so they will feel chosen and loved in a very special way. After all, we are each uniquely created by the very hand of God. There is no one like you because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Dr. David Jeremiah in his book Signs of Life writes,

"When she was a little girl, Amy Carmichael earnestly prayed that God would turn her brown eyes into blue ones, for she longed for blue eyes. Later in life, she came to understand why brown eyes were important for her. In rescuing girls from Hindu slavery, Amy often had to cover herself with a scarf that revealed only her eyes. Blue eyese would have betrayed her identity in brown-eyed India. So learn to thank God for the body and personality He has given you, for no one else is exactly like you- and for God's good reason."

God really is our life-long Valentine. He loves us for who we are and will never leave or forsake us. Red hearts on Valentine's Day serve as a reminder of God's grand love that sent His Son to die so we can live with Him in heaven for eternity. Any human Valentine we may have here on earth is only temporary, but God and his love endures forever.

If you feel alone this day or miss someone special, remember God is with you. His love note to you is scripture and your beautiful bouquet is His breathtaking creation that surrounds you each day. I pray you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Cheryl Barker said...

So glad He is the Lover of our souls!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Nancy!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Such a touching post! I too chuckled at "Singles Awareness Day"!

katiegfromtennessee said...

Thanks for the valentine, happy belated Valentine's Day to you too:)