December 11, 2010

Festive Details

Now that our Christmas tree is reassembled and ready to usher in holiday cheer versus sorrow and pity, I'm enjoying the enterprise of assembling presents for family and friends. Since mom and dad passed away our family seems to have shrunk dramatically in ways, while admittedly expanded in others. We continue to keep in touch with nearly half of the nine puppies our son's dog delivered in our home two Thanksgivings ago and it's always a joy to wish them a dog-on Merry Christmas. We exchange dog pictures and invariably go gaga like proverbial grandparents. Just this week I arrived at work Monday morning to find an interdepartmental manila envelop on my desk. I couldn't imagine what it could be since most communication is done via email. A huge smile washed over my face to see it was a birthday card from Cocoa Bean's sister, Molly, whose grandma works at the hospital with me. If dogs could smile Molly was laughing in the picture. She is clearly very smart, quite happy, and nothing short of gorgeous, which is an answer to the prayers I prayed over each pup when only days old. God is so good and only He knows the heavy burden that weighed on my heart at the daunting task of finding homes for nine little pups. Somehow He did it and I have not forgotten his faithfulness to this day.

Then there's the tradition my best friend and I established years ago. Every year in mid-December we meet for lunch and exchange birthday and Christmas presents. My birthday is the 13th and her's Christmas day. We both look forward to our time together and this coming Thursday is our day. Oh how I thank God for her too. She's a faithful, rare, and godly friend. Through Debbie I've learned I don't need a large number of friends. One friend like my her far exceeds a legion of half-hearted acquaintances.

And who could forget the friends God has so richly blessed me with at work. Our department is wonderfully unique and rare as we partake in a year-round tradition of going all out for every birthday, holiday, and special occasion. It's not unusual for us to bring treats in just to make an otherwise regular day special. We don't keep hospitality to ourselves either. We reach out to other co-workers in both good times and bad. It's a ministry of sorts and I'm proud to be a part. I've been thinking and planning what to give my co-workers for Christmas since summer. We don't spend a lot of money or give extravagant gifts, just enjoy giving to those who have become extended family in many ways.

I have a few presents to start wrapping today and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be thinking and praying for each recipient, as well as thanking God for those He's brought into my life.

I'm curious. What holiday activity are you now undertaking? Whatever it is I hope you enjoy it and are blessed in the process.


Cheryl Barker said...

Nancy, I just made some Christmas goodies and am getting ready to wrap some gifts next. I like your idea of praying for the recipients. Hope you have a wonderful birthday/Christmas celebration with your friend!

Barbara said...

Hi Nancy,

Your blog just reminded me of one of my friends..... bye the way Happy Birthday!!!!

I celebrate mine on the 25th, and her's is on the 8th, and we always get together and exchange presents and have a nice meal out.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and all the best in 2011!!! (ps I still have some things that you sent me, was it 2 yrs ago, when I one a prize)... Blessings! Barbara

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Our bible study group is going Christmas Caroling to some shut-ins at our church. We're a pretty close bunch and it's fun to serve God together at this time of year.

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Nancy:)

Good to hear about your puppies and how they are doing now:) I have gotten all my shopping done, and I have just a few presents to wrap for my baby girl.

Blessings to you today,