August 8, 2010

Race for a Cure

Kansas City hosted its Susan G. Komen run today and 25,000 runners joined in to "Race for the Cure." My mother died of breast cancer in 2006, making this event extra special to me. The pictures speak for themselves, so enjoy.

My friend Debbie pins the
"In memory of My Mom"
sticker on my back.
A good friend always has your back.

Debbie, myself, and Shauna, before the race.

Heading out.
There were so many runners
I had to wave to catch Jimmy's attention.

Kansas City's meteorologist, Katie Horner,
reading "In memory..." stickers at the start of the race.
That's when I started to cry.

The beautiful mass or runners.


Abba's Girl said...

Great pics, great cause!

Cheryl Barker said...

I'm so proud of you for doing this! Loved the pic of you waving as you started the race :)