February 19, 2010

A Tough Day on Patrol

My sister works at a hospital where the security guards make rounds on two-wheeled Segways. When she told me about it I couldn't resist asking how it works if the guard has to use an elevator or "walk" down the hallway past patient rooms. "They just coast along on their Segway" she said.

We both wondered if this was truly the most efficient way to make rounds. For instance, how fast could the Segway go if the guard needed to chase someone and could it stop on a dime if a little child ran out of a patient room as the wheeled guard passed by? You have to wonder if this is truly efficient or simply lazy. Of course I don't know the answers and shouldn't judge, but the Segway scenario interred my mind again when I turned around from my computer the other day and saw the dogs "guarding" our house from the couch.

Could they be thinking about asking for a Segway to chase the Frisbee this summer?

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Tammy said...

So cute!