August 15, 2008

Something's New

I got something new.
Can you find it?

Look close...
Hint: It holds hot stuff that wakes me up in the morning.

There she new mug!
Isn't she a beaut?

(Little things make me happy)


Amy E. said...

Love your new coffee mug..I totally have my favorites that I drink out of here at home. I just love glassware...cups/glasses/ day when we have a house..and more room..I hope to collect all shapes and sizes of glasses!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like your new cup! Love the colors.

I went and picked up that book "The Shack" tonight. When I am done w/my current book I plan to read it. Thanks for mentioning it on your blog.

Shari said...

Love the new for a sweet lady like you!

linda said...

What a cute looks like it's a pretty good size too.

The Olson's: said...

I can taste the delicious herbal tea just seeing that mug! (I'm not a coffee drinker!)
~ Leanne

annette said...

It's a great mug. I love little things like a coffee mug. Have a blessed Sabbath.


Sherry said...

Not only is this a really sharp looking cup with pretty colors, it's quite large. Just the right size to start the day!


Tammy R said...

That a fine lookin' mug...girlfriend!

valerie said...

I love it!
I got a really cute mug at Starbucks at the ariport when I was leaving NYC and it has become my favorite. I love my coffee first thing in the morning.

I enjoyed the outline last week for the video. Thanks for going to so much trouble for us. I do well with an outline. You're the best!

katiegfromtennessee said...

You make me laugh, Mrs. Nancy. That's funny 'cause my momma taught my sister and I to say that phrase "little things make me happy" We really do get a kick out of the most random things!:)


Francine said...

That is a nice big one - as my dear husband says - a potfull in one cup! No need to refill. I love light blue and brown together - they have a calming effect on me. I'd probably have to sit and stare at the mug to get calmed down after the jolt of coffee set in!

LOL at little things make you happy....I am so there too.

luvmy4sons said...

God did good when He made coffee, yes? Love the cup!