February 27, 2010

Texting While Driving

Have you ever been tempted to text while driving? I know I can't drive and text at the same time but I have attempted to read an incoming note here or there and for me each are equally distracting.

Our son, Drew, works at a TV station that did a story on this and he was asked to be a guinea pig of sorts. Could he text or even read a text, while driving without compromising the attention needed to drive safely? The results were sobering to everyone, especially Drew.

(As you listen to the story note the voice of the officer sitting in the backseat and see if you think he sounds like Dr. Phil.)

I think I'll stick to praying while I drive. It's a whole lot safer.

February 21, 2010

Cranky Ole Man Winter

I've lived in Kansas City all my life so I hold a little clout when I say this has been one tough winter. Seems like we, along with many across the U.S., have been hit with one winter storm blast after another. Believe it or not we are amidst yet another. We started the week with...

Remnants from the last snow lingering out back.

Then some more snow blanketed the scene.

As I enter this blog it's freezing rain.

The tree limbs in the field
are weighty as they sway in the wind.

The dogs are working hard at waiting out the winter.
Modern hibernation you might say.

Cocoa Bean periodically hides his head from
cranky old man winter.

We have another cold week ahead but I know from experience Spring will indeed come when she's good and ready.

"There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven..."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

February 19, 2010

A Tough Day on Patrol

My sister works at a hospital where the security guards make rounds on two-wheeled Segways. When she told me about it I couldn't resist asking how it works if the guard has to use an elevator or "walk" down the hallway past patient rooms. "They just coast along on their Segway" she said.

We both wondered if this was truly the most efficient way to make rounds. For instance, how fast could the Segway go if the guard needed to chase someone and could it stop on a dime if a little child ran out of a patient room as the wheeled guard passed by? You have to wonder if this is truly efficient or simply lazy. Of course I don't know the answers and shouldn't judge, but the Segway scenario interred my mind again when I turned around from my computer the other day and saw the dogs "guarding" our house from the couch.

Could they be thinking about asking for a Segway to chase the Frisbee this summer?

February 15, 2010

A Princess Turn Queen

Dani's Adult Day Hab held their sweetheart dance last Friday. My husband Jimmy was the photographer so I came along for the ride. I was curious as a cat to see if our little angel would dance even one step. As much as she loves music I couldn't imagine her putting forth more energy than it takes to watch and smile at the proceedings. I didn't want to miss it for the world and I'm glad I didn't. It was oodles of fun.

With the sweetheart theme swirling in my mind, I dressed her in a beautifully delicate pink Easter-type dress, curled the ends of her long shiny hair, put on her lacy white socks and black patton leather shoes, and crowned her with a tiara atop her pretty little head. She was as beautiful as the day she was born, our little princess in pink, and who would have known she would return a queen!

The decorations were complete, the DJ was warming up, the photographer was set (and mighty cute I will say), and in came the crowd. One after another folks filed in until the room was jam packed full of people ready to party the afternoon away...and party they did. Whether in wheelchairs or holding walkers, everyone danced to the oldies, newies, and everything in between. There were songs I never heard in my life that others were singing and dancing to like it was the national anthem. I felt a bit dated till they played one of my old-time faves, the Bees Gees "Staying Alive." I couldn't resist boogying a little myself, and to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as well. Not one person was left out. Everyone had a wonderful time and by the end of the afternoon my cheeks ached from smiling so much.

Then...it was time. Time to crown the king and queen of the sweetheart dance, to which we were pleasantly surprised to learn Dani was up for the running. Wow. Just the thought. Our little girl a queen? Sounded mighty nice and she was certainly dressed for the occasion. What great timing! But, would we get a good picture of her? She hates taking pictures and will surely cry when she has to stand before the crowd with cameras pointing in her direction. What in the world was she going to do?

When the nominees were called and had gone forward, the crowd voted via applause and what do you know Dani, her partner the king, and another couple tied. It was a wonderful time for everyone, especially one queen's mother and father. Jimmy took a few shots of her and to no one's surprise she is crying her eyes out. Beauty and fame is painful, so I hear.

King and Queen (left)

Dani and mom knocking hips

Becka and Dani (left)

A little pre-dance glide down the hall on the scooter with her teacher, Loretta.
Somehow they kept the dress clean.
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 8, 2010

His Valentine Until...

Jimmy and I believe there are lessons waiting to be taught in nearly any situation. Just give it a little thought and you'd be surprised at the different opportunities we have to teach our children, even when they are adults. With this in mind I told our son, Drew, years ago I was his Valentine until he had one of his own. As his mother I use these times of the year to teach and mentor him with regards to how to enjoy a healthy relationship with a woman so when he finds his own "one and only" he'll be the best husband, father, and leader of the home he can be.

As mothers to our sons, we are the first woman in their lives and this relationship, be it good or bad, carries a life-long impact. My goal has always been to have a healthy, strong, close, and happy relationship with Drew so he will desire the same when looking for his future wife. Part of what makes our relationship strong and healthy involves taking advantage of teaching opportunities along the way.

When Drew was a little boy Jimmy made a special point to help him remember my birthday and holidays, with the sole purpose he'd one day do the same for his wife. Now that he's older I've taken over the role of teaching him more directly. Like anyone there are times when he's failed to apologize, spoken without compassion, or acted in ways that I know would likely offend a woman. When this happens I lovingly draw it to his attention and work to teach him how to better handle himself.

As an example, not long ago something got his tail feathers in a twit. He didn't take it out on anyone but it was something that even he admitted was minor. So, before he left the house I gave him a big hug and gently whispered in his ear, "Honey, I want you to work on something." "What's that?" he asked. "Self-control. It's a fruit of the spirit that's vital in life because the world is full of glitches and obstacles. To be a godly man you must have self-control. Work on that for me from here on out will you?" He took it very well and I must say this fruit has indeed begun to flourish in him.

Life is full of opportunities to learn and in learning we are obligated to teach, especially our children. One thing I've learned now that Drew is an adult is that teaching did not end when he turned 18 years old. In many respects it began anew as he went out into the world as adult. Our job as parents of adult children is to obtain and maintain a healthy relationship with our children in order to teach in the adult setting. They will make mistakes but don't we all. In the end they'll do fine as long as they have loving parents that teach from afar and pray like the dickens for them every inch of the way!

By the way...are you dying to know what the dog on Drew's card is saying?

FRONT: "I have a confession to make."
INSIDE: "I've seen you naked."
BACKSIDE: "More than once too."

Thanks Hallmark! It's sure to give him a giggle.

February 1, 2010

Joy Comes in the Morning...it really does.

I love the motto that says, "If it ain't broke don't fix it." It couldn't be more true when it comes to blogs. After all, why rewrite an already perfectly worded blog? There'd be no point. That's why today I want to do something a little different. Since you're always hearing my perspective of caring for our special needs child, I thought you might want to hear my husband Jimmy's side for a change. Click the link below and see for yourself his and Dani's little adventure this morning.

You're a good man dear!